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Greeter: Tom Faubion 

Recorder:  Hallie McCurdy

Inspirational Moment: Jeannie Hill

Pledge of Allegiance:  Gretchen Allen

Four Way Test: Paul Webb



Introduction of Guests – Sue Potter brought her friend Romeo to the meeting to promote their August 5th event at their new location.


Visiting Rotarians – Greg Horn of the Lakewood Rotary


Sunshine Report – Greg Horn gave the club an update regarding the pilot and passenger from the plane crash that happened on the 8th. He reported that they both suffered significant injuries, but that they would recover.





Foundation minute – Georgene Mellom showed a wonderful short video on all the things the Rotary Foundation does world-wide.


Membership update – Gretchen Allen informed the group that we will be having a social on July 14th at Teresa Nye’s home. There are more details to come. She also said to let her know if you know of anyone who might be interested in joining our club.


Fundraising – Jim Hairston reported on the golf tournament. He is looking for raffle prizes and volunteers. If you want to help with the planning of the golf tournament please let Jim know!


Service Day – Alan Billingsley let everyone know that 4,000 pounds of landscape rock are being delivered for the service day on May 20th. There are lots of high school kids signed up to move the rock, but we do need some excellent Rotarians to sign up as supervisors!


Upcoming programs –

May 17 - Jordan Jones of Communities in Schools of Lakewood

May 24 – Paul Bucich, Public Works Engineering Director, City of Lakewood

May 31 – Fellowship Meeting, No speaker

June 7 – Jeffrey Hager, Hands for Peacemaking

June 14 – Fire Chief Jim Sharp, West Pierce Fire & Rescue


Rotary Event at Nourish – Come volunteer on August 5th at Nourish’s new location at the corner of Lakewood Drive and Steilacoom Boulevard.



Alan was in charge of fun and fines today. Many people told stories of the exciting things going on in their lives for a $5 fine. Paul Webb protested the measly amount and suggested that it be upped to a $10 fine. Paul was immediately fined $10 for the suggestion.





Joyce Price and Dominique Tutt spoke to us today about the amazing work they are doing at the Lakewood Family Resource Center. They help children, families and communities thrive. They help people with the resources they need to include food, diapers, wipes, clothing and support with power bills and rental assistance.




They also help to support social connections and resiliency. They have support groups for teens, parents, etc. Most of their resources are free with no questions asked. The exception to this is utility and rental assistance where there is some paperwork required. They are located at 11150 Gravelly Lake Drive SW in Lakewood. Their phone number is 253-531-3462. If you know someone who needs diapers they can text 253-439-9569.  




Alan Billingsley’s number was drawn, but he did not win the BIG prize…..


ADJOURN at 1:22